was born thanks to the passion that the family Vilanova Peña has for wine, decoration, places and people.

We wanted to recover this house, that we now present to give it a unique content, with a new way of communicating with those who visit us.

José Luis Vilanova

At Novavila we aim that our guests enjoy their stay, but they also share with us all the objects that surround them. All have been chosen with care and represent that spirit that characterises the eclectic style of Vilanova Peña.

That is why our visitors can purchase any of the objects, pieces of furniture or accessories that are here and take them to their homes to continue to enjoy them.

And for the enjoyment to be complete, we also invite them to try the Albariño wine that we have been making in this family for many years now, the result of a painstaking selection and a careful elaboration.